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If you’ve ever watched FOX News or been annoyed by someone who does, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the freakish leap in logic many members of the Christian Right and the Republican Party cling to when arguing against gay marriage. Namely, that if men were allowed to marry other men, the floodgates would open up […]

The media, bloggers and politicians have done their best to dismiss the Occupy Wall Street movement as unorganized, lacking in focus, and powered by lazy hippies with no clear objective. Certainly, you’ve heard people on TV and in person echo various “Not sure what they’re protesting” themed talking points.

For those of you occupying Wall Street and whining about how your economy got raped by the upper one percent, the corporate world has prepared its defense, and it’s pretty much the same argument any rapist makes whenever the victim has the nerve to file a complaint.

These ads fail to address the biggest myth surrounding the Mormon religion: namely, that it is a religion. Because if there’s anything these ads and the church’s involvement in Prop. 8 prove, it’s that the Latter Day Saints—as an organizational body—is not a religion but a powerful political lobby hell-bent on manifesting its world view through the power of your heavily sought-after vote.

Sports Predictions that Matter

Posted: 1st October 2011 by Mike Stevens in Commentary
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October is the best time to be a sports fan. Football is hitting its mid-season stride, baseball is entering the playoffs, hockey is getting started and with the looming NBA lockout, my stocks in privatized prisons are about to go through the roof.