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The Internet was abuzz early this week with the news that Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) had delivered to the House Ways and Means Committee a bill that would grant a $250 tax deduction for mustached Americans. Dubbed the “Stache Act,”* the reported legislation would help offset the cost of maintaining a properly groomed mustache.

People learn a lot of valuable things in college, like how to solve quadratic equations, run a business, or turn a shoe into a bong. All important life lessons, to be sure, but according to Arizona Rep. John Kavanagh, students at Arizona’s universities need to be taught a lesson they’re currently not learning.

Rick Santorum is getting a bad rap from feminists, because despite all claims to the contrary, he’d fully support the women’s movement if only they’d let men run it. Plus, you’d be hard pressed to find a more ardent defender of a woman’s constitutional right to vote the way her husband tells her to.

If Shakespeare were still alive today and writing a modern-day version of Macbeth, he—aside from looking like a somewhat younger version of Ron Paul—would likely decide to replace those three vile witches and their boiling cauldron with a conservative think tank and a waiting room in which, instead of catchy though demonic chants, men in […]

Remember Charlie Brown’s teacher, and how everything he said was masked by that “wah wah wo waw” sound? Well, thanks to Arizona State Sen. Lori Klein, we now know that the only things being taught in Charlie’s classroom were the seven words you can’t say on television. That’s why Sen. Klein is introducing SB 1467, […]

The Catholic church is upset with Obama’s birth control mandate, as church leaders believe the move is an unnecessary assault on the church’s long-standing view that the only acceptable form of birth control is an adolescent boy.

As much as the Susan G. Komen foundation wants to fight breast cancer, it apparently doesn’t see the point in saving a boob unless there’s some kid around to drink milk from it.