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Arizona is not a state; it’s a disease. I didn’t come down with Arizona by sharing a needle or through unsafe sexual practices. I didn’t eat a tainted cantaloupe, or discover it at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Nope, I was born with it. I lost the natal lottery in a Phoenix-based county hospital […]

For those of you occupying Wall Street and whining about how your economy got raped by the upper one percent, the corporate world has prepared its defense, and it’s pretty much the same argument any rapist makes whenever the victim has the nerve to file a complaint.

These ads fail to address the biggest myth surrounding the Mormon religion: namely, that it is a religion. Because if there’s anything these ads and the church’s involvement in Prop. 8 prove, it’s that the Latter Day Saints—as an organizational body—is not a religion but a powerful political lobby hell-bent on manifesting its world view through the power of your heavily sought-after vote.

With our withered economy and emaciated job market, it’s tough being an American right now. We’re facing staggering unemployment rates, a nearly unchecked corporate aristocracy, and a stock market that’s about as stable as Lindsay Lohan in a high school chemistry lab. Still, I’m a “glass is half-full” kind of guy, so I tend to […]